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What's Bugging You?

by Day Tree Service Inc. on 06/17/11

Spring has sprung, summer is almost here, and our trees are lush with new growth.  However, there are a few little things that may be bugging you.... or actually, bugging your trees. 

If your tree is infested with borers, or bark beetles how can you tell?  Dead, or dying branches can be an easily recognized sign, which may be indicated by sparse, or stunted leaves.  You may also notice small emergence holes in the trunk, raised bark from larval tunnels, a dead or degraded phloem-cambial layer (fancy words for beneath the bark), or piles of boring dust (not mind-numbing or tedious dust, but the result of digging a hole kind of dust)...  but what should you do? 

Prune away, and properly dispose of the affected limbs.  Though if the trunk is showing extensive signs of damage, the entire tree may need to be removed.  This will help to reduce further decline in the tree's health, as well as keep the infestation from spreading to nearby healthy trees.

That being said....  Do not prune during the adult beetles' flight season.  You don't want to provide them with an all-you-can-eat buffet. 

How can you prevent future attacks? 

Reduce tree stress.  Does this mean play soothing music and practice deep breathing exercises with your tree?  Not quite, but ensuring that a tree is well hydrated, as well as avoiding injury to the tree's roots and trunk will assist in keeping the tree's stress level to a minimum, and be a less inviting host for pesky little bugs. 

After all, the idea is to keep these bugs away from your trees in the first place.

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